Tantra for Men
Sexual Ecstasy & Tantric Massage

March 9 (In English)

o Marzo 10 (En Español)
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Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo. 

Sexual Ecstasy and Tantric Massage

Guided by: Pedro Aumkar. For more info: da clic aquí

In this Workshop you will learn techniques proposed by classical tantra to achieve Bliss, including genital massage

In the 10th century AD, Shivaite Tantra reached its maximum development in the Kashmir region. Some men who were scholars and came from the Hindu tradition, but not tantrikas, for first time wrote about  the practices that had been developed in the last 4 or 5 centuries. Tantra was developed orally as it was only practiced by “low” castes who were illiterated. Women transmitted the teaching among themselves and were eager  to transmit it to any man willing to learn. Curiously, this fact is documented in the tradition of Tibetan tantra because in the 8th century several monks traveled to northern India to learn sexual energy management techniques with the aim of sublimating sexual energy.

Within the Shivaite tantric texts, there is hidden or veiled information that had not been interpreted correctly or was purposely given another meaning. This derives from the fact that a Sanskrit word can have many meanings and it was easy to hide the true meaning of the text.

It is a fact that is always stated that for Tantra the orgasm takes a backseat, that is, it stops being important when man discovers that there are states of ecstasy more powerful than the orgasm itself. And this information has also been distorted.

From a text from the 10th century, the use of sexuality begins to be an instrument of expansion of consciousness through states of ecstasy. In these texts very important ritual were hidden or veiled:

Penis massage (lingam) with certain techniques that both the recipient and the one providing it, must know.

In this workshop you will learn in a practical way the techniques required to give or receive a lingam massage.

It is a workshop open only to men regardless of their sexual orientation.

The workshop lasts six hours, where you will learn the meditation and breathing techniques necessary to receive the massage and the technique to give the massage. You can attend the workshop and ask a friend or partner to join, so you can work together. If you attend individually you can work with another man you meet in the workshop or if you prefer you can just observe the technique, however the ideal world would be that you have the opportunity to give and receive the massage.

Fechas Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo
Col. Santa Fe, cerca de Plaza Américas

March 9, in English 

Marzo 10, Taller en Español

Schedule: 10 a 4 p.m.

Price: 2,222 pesos 

How to pay:

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online payment kin to a SrPago  (link below), only mexico credit or debit cards) 

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