Tantra Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs.

Registered at Yoga Alliance USA

Upcoming trainings:

Cusco, Perú, July 10 to 23, 2024 (in English) In-Person 

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This 200hr Yoga Alliance internationally certified course will allow you to deepen your practice by participating in the ancient philosophy of Kashmir Shaivaism, the path of expanded consciousness liberation and the ancient tantric roots of hatha yoga included in classic hatha yoga scriptures.

This is a unique program to learn how to teach Tantra and Tantric Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa, Pranayama & Meditation.  The program is also infused with a tantric Buddhist loving kindness philosophy and practice which brings a heart centered approach to the training.

Our trainings are hosted in beautiful small towns in the Mexican Pacific or Caribbean  RIviera or in Mytical Cusco. Any of these  trainings will take you on a journey of depth into self-inquiry  & holistic living.

This course are taught by Pedro Aumkar (E-RYT500 YA), Allix Talavera (E-RYT500 YA) & Laura Segro (E-RYT500 YA). Training is taught in English with successive translation to Spanish if needed.

Course fees for Akumal Q,Roo., food and accommodation included is 2,490.00 U.S. Dls.  for shared double Rooms  & 2,890.00 U.S. Dls. for single Rooms.

Course fees for Cuzco, Peru, food and accommodation included is 2,490.00 U.S. Dls.  for shared double Rooms

The maximum participants in the group is 12 for Perú and 8 for Cancún.  Confirm your spot now!

If you need  more information or for reserving your spot please send a mail to tantra@tantra.mx

This teacher training course invites students to experience the practice of tantra yoga through manipulating energy and consciousness.

The main style of yoga taught is Hatha with Tantric Vinyasa. This combines smooth flowing movements with the traditional stillness and alignment of HathaYoga.

The tantric practices also holds asanas for longer periods to experience a deeper energetic activation and opening of the body to expanded experiences of awareness and superior consciousness spheres

During the course you will be taught theory and practices from the Traditional Kashmir Shaivaism Tantric practices of India. These teachings are taught in a devotional way to combine the science of tantra with the path of the heart. The course is a sacred journey into the ancient arts of Tantra.

The course has also a deep focus in learning prana vidya, the ancient sience of manipulation of prana, knowledge  not easy available nowadays, During the training we will also study tantric cleansing kriyas to purify the mind and deepen our ability to be centered and present in life.

Tantric profound mindfulness meditation will give you a personal opportunity to open the energy of the full body. An important practice is the esoteric  feminine form of Tandava, the Dance of Shiva.

The theory elements cover many topics always including Tantric and Yogic Philosophy and ancient scriptures such as Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Yoga Spandakarika, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Shiva Samitha. An introduction to Yoni Tantra studying the anatomy and  sacred sexuality is also covered.

If you need  more information or for reserving your spot please send a mail to tantra@tantra.mx

About Pedro Aumkar:


Aumkar breaths, studies, teaches and loves her deepest passion, and that is to live a life immersed in Tantra, Yoga and  Meditation. He was introduced to Yoga forty years ago while he was studying high school.

He became a Yoga Teacher in 2003 and started training yoga teacher in 2007. He has accrued over 2000 hours in training, including eighteen years studying to become a teacher trainer in Tantra and Hatha  Yoga.  He is a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher  E-RYT500.

He has taught more than 300 students to become 200 & 500 Yoga Teachers.  Students from China, Spain, USA (Colorado, Texas. Florida & Hawaii), Germany, France, Polland, Argentina & Mexico have studied under his guidance the last ten years.

Aumkar´s teachers and Gurus:

Mantak Chia  Taoism

Deepak Chopra  Synchrodestiny

Daniel Odier  Kashmir Shaivaism

Namkhai Norbhu  Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Tantra

Swami Janakananda Saraswati  Bihar School of Yoga

Ma Parvathi Nath Kaula Tantra

David Swenson Ashtanga Yoga

Douglas Swenson Ashtanga Yoga

David Williams Ashtanga Yoga

Edward Clark  Tripsichore Yoga

Tenzin Chogyal Rinpoche   Tibetan soul retrieval and Energy healing

Don Jacinto Tzab   Mayan soul retrieval

Several Thai Venerable Monks of Thailand Dhammakaya tradition. Different meditation retreats and personal guidance 2008-2017

Intrigated all his life about his ancestors and heritage, in 2005 Aumkar participated in Natgeo genographics project. Results were amazing and revealing. His ancestors cross to America through Bering 10,000 years ago. His ancestors  belong to Siberian Shamans, Hopis and to  Cheyennes traditions where he has direct relatives. After this discovering he had received some initiations forbidden for people outside native traditions. Shamanism is the great grand father of Tantra, many rituals founded in Maya, Aztec, Tibetan or siberian shamanic traditions are quite similar and confirm the common links between shamanism, tantra and yoga.